A national multicenter study from Austria (Dolak et al, 2013) published in the October issue of Surgical Endoscopy concluded that patients with malignant biliary obstructions benefited from extended survival when treated with the Habib EndoHPB.  The study, conducted in 11 centres, included 58 patients who underwent 84 procedures and presented levels of complications “not uncommon and [that] seem more to be caused by the poor general condition of the study population than by a certain medical intervention.”  Stent patency was 115 days for plastic stents and 218 days for metal stents, with a median survival after RFA of 10.6 months (this treatment modality was often used only when other treatment attempts had failed). Although the study was retrospective and involved a heterogeneous study population, the authors concluded that “the overall median survival of 17.9 months (from initial diagnosis until death) is much better than the survival rates documented for best supportive care, which barely exceed 12 months. It is even longer than most survival times reported for other palliative treatment modalities, such as PDT or stenting alone.”

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AuthorCherif Habib