Habib™ EUS RFA   CE Marked, FDA cleared  Cauterize and coagulate tissue in abdominal organs.

Habib™ EUS RFA

CE Marked, FDA cleared

Cauterize and coagulate tissue in abdominal organs.

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Product Description

The Habib™ EUS RFA is a novel monopolar catheter used to cauterize and coagulate tissue. Access deep parenchymal lesions in abdominal organs through an echoendoscope and biopsy needle, or surface sites in hollow organs through the biopsy channel of an endoscope or laparoscope.

The Habib™ EUS RFA is a 1 Fr wire (0.33 mm, 0.013”) which has a working length of 220cm. RF power is applied to the electrode at the end of the wire to cauterize or coagulate tissue. It is a monopolar device and requires the use of a patient grounding / diathermy pad.

The Habib™ EUS RFA can be used with a range of commonly available RF generators. It is compatible with scopes that have a working channel of of 2.4mm or greater, and less than 200cm in length.


Product Code Electrode Tip Length
HabibTM EUS RFA (6500) 1 cm
HabibTM EUS RFA (6700) 2 cm





Clinical Data

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Full information regarding the the Habib™ EUS RFA specifications and applications can be found in the the product brochure.


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